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v8.69beta → Play
► SmartHome Control HTTP bubbles now on the phone too
► Toggle fields in HTTP command e.g. [on|off] → see below
► HTTP bubbles get random background color
► Default HTTP bubble image changed to “eye”
► HTTP command address field acted strange while typing
► Improved HTTP command history listing

This is big! You can have one bubble send multiple variants of the same command. Typical use: one bubble to turn something on and off. How?

You can now place toggle fields into any part of the HTTP command (address, header, POST data). The field has the format [1|2|3] this is going to be replaced with one of the listed items cycling through the alternatives. Example:

Say you have two commands:
► http://
► http://
Now you can have just one bubble with the command:
► http://[on|off]
The app will alternate issuing the two variants

You can have as many alternatives as you want. And you can place as many of these fields in the command as you need. They will be cycled through in sync (as long as each field has the same number of item alternatives).

Uncheck this option if your command includes the characters [ , | , ]

Place the cursor where you need to have the field, and enable the option → an empty field is inserted to the cursor location. This makes it much easier to type these hard to access characters on the phone!

Author: greg

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