v8.72 → Play (production release)

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v8.72 → Play (production release)
► New “What’s new” menu item on watch
► Encourages standalone watch users to rate the app
► Opens Bubble Cloud website on phone
► Plays video playlist on phone (starting with latest)
► Opens self-addressed email on phone
► Search help website! (enter text on watch, result on phone)
► Workaround for Android permission bug when calling Tasker if it was installed after Bubble Clouds (Tasker permission is created prematurely) [Geoff Mackintosh]
► Crash in Forced-timeout on Oreo devices
► Rare crash while fetching location for sunset/sunrise
► Rare crash when opening Favorite/Archive configuration screen on watch
► Rare crash when opening Settings on watch
► HTTP Link bubbles did not work in embedded version of Android Wear component

I realized with more and more iPhone and LTE enabled watch owners, many standalone version users never had access to the help tools I created. Hopefully this will bring in more positive ratings. In the last month I’ve been getting 2-3 sometimes 4 one-star ratings every day. We need at least 8-15 five-stars to balance out otherwise the app will quickly dip below 4 star average and disappear from view. I contacted Google to look into the cause of such high number of negative ratings, but they move slowly if at all. Until then I hope to get enough good ratings to keep the app afloat.

Author: greg

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