v9.10beta → Play

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v9.10beta → Play
► Quick swipe panel controls in phone app (under Watch face)
► Quick swipe panel setting included in backup
► Fixed an unknown quick swipe panel setting state
► Intro slider on Oreo+ watches → start video on how to remove permanent “Displaying over other apps” notification
► Improved layout of intro slider (on watch)
► Permission screen also updated on watch to show Oreo Overlay information on top and also link to the new youtube video
► Usability: prompt if no theme elements are marked for selective apply on the phone (you could think it did not work, if you blindly just press apply)

I hope the test is going well for all of you. I haven’t received any bug reports, so I assume the app is ready for production.

In the newest video I included detailed instructions on the removal of the message “Displaying over other apps” (http://youtu.be/H_XJjJySQYQ?t=217) I decided to show this part of the video on the phone as part of the onboarding experience on watches with Oreo and later:
► Added a new page into the intro slider
► Added a link to the light blue Permission request screen on the watch

I received an email from a novice user, who was not able to set theme backgrounds using the phone app. After several rounds, I finally realized she picked the background, but then did not select any of the components to Apply (which resulted in nothing being applied). I now added a prompt whether the user intends to apply all.

I have added this new setting also to the phone app. (You still cannot assign other functions to the Quick Swipe Panel from the phone, this needs to be done on the watch. No plans to implement this on the phone)

Author: greg

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