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v9.12 → Play
► Because of the (khm) less than enthusiastic reception: Quick swipe panel is disabled by default (except for Wear 2.0 users who had 9.11 installed)
► option to dim home screen behind pop-up folders (enabled for transparent and light folders by default) – now reached 2-in-1 users too
► fixed a crash in 1-click themes
► intro slider had an empty slot on pre-oreo watches

I run into this again and again: I get excited about a new feature so much that I enable it by default in the new version. Users respond with a flood of 1-stars. Just the rating, they don’t care to leave reviews. I can only guess, but probably many users don’t like change. So now, I just add this exciting new feature, and everyone can discover it on their own 🙁

Still a little surprising, that out of the first 8000 installs nobody left anything else but 1-star. Not one person liked the new feature enough to leave a good rating. I am a bit disappointed, things like this sure take out the fire from you.

Author: greg

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