v9.28 → Play

v9.28 → Play
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v9.28 → Play
► option “priority for active cloud” is brought over to the watch (under Expert settings)
► fixed crash at startup when vibration is not available on watch (Fossil Q random issue)

If Priority for active cloud is disabled the inactive watchface will show when you tilt to wake the watch:
► easier direct access to regular watch face swipe functions such as notifications and quick settings
► requires an extra tap on the clock bubble before the non-ambient bubbles are shown or before you can swipe for the app drawer / quick swipe panel

Some users prefer this behavior over the default one. The same setting has been available since March 2016 (version v5.40) in the phone settings under the group “Watch face” (in Expert mode), but now it’s more prominent also on the watch.

Author: greg

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