v9.34beta2 → Play

v9.34beta2 → Play
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v9.34beta2 → Play
► Gesture detection is now enabled by default (if bubble animation is off)
► Added gesture detection option to the (expert / watch face) settings on the phone
► Active mode priority option (in settings on the phone) was not updated from the watch correctly
► Disconnection icon in phone app not shown if watch was never connected
► “Disconnected” toast is not shown in emulator
► Added translations for new options

I enabled the new option by default, because I realized I would like you to test it 🙂 It will probably be disabled by default in the production release though.

Please let me know if the new version of the app starts to act funny on your watch. Especially if disabling the “Wrist gestures” option cures the problem. It is very important for me to hear about problems, automatic crash reports are not always enough.

Author: greg

the dev