Version 2.05beta ~ submitted to the Play Store

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Version 2.05beta ~ submitted to the Play Store
As always, I am very grateful for all of you testing the app, in case of crash or other unexpected behaviour, you know I am at your service.
What’s new?
►Flash light bubble (with extendable auto off function = vibrates after 30s, tap the screen within 3s to continue, long tap to exit)
►Wifi hotspot added to Wifi bubble cycle: ON→OFF→HotSpot→ON
►Find-my-phone bubble shows handheld battery level
►few more bug fixes, and a lot of battery saving tweaks
Both the smartwatch and the handheld components use the minimum possible battery.

New permissions:
►WRITE SETTINGS: flash light to increase screen brightness
►CHANGE NETWORK: Wifi Hotspot toggle

Author: greg

the dev