Version 2.59beta Uploaded to the Play Store

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Version 2.59beta Uploaded to the Play Store
All changes affect Wear Bubbles:
►New: Touch lock bubble (explained below)
►Fixed crash when trying to change color before icons are loaded
►Added more tips to the Cloud Editor help
►small improvements in weather update

WATCH-FACE TOUCH LOCK (please suggest a better name)
Screen lock to prevent unwanted app launches in the watch-face launcher: you cannot interact with the Bubble Cloud until you tap the red bubble to unlock.

3 operation modes:
►Manual = tap to toggle lock/unlock
►Auto = auto-locks every time the screen dims (or turns off)
►Auto when in favorites = this lets you toggle auto-lock right on your watch. As long as the lock bubble is in the favorites cloud it will auto-lock. Long press to move the lock bubble to the archive → it will stop auto-locking.

2 extra options:
►Lock clock bubble too = if checked, you will need to unlock before you can tap the clock bubble to access Android Wear’s regular watch face functions. If unchecked only the other bubbles are deactivated: tap the lock to activate them, or tap the clock bubble for regular Android Wear functions (tap, long tap, swipe up/down)
►Lock scrolling too = when checked, and the lock is engaged, you will not be able to scroll to the archive.  If unchecked, you can keep the lock bubble in the archive cloud, and swipe to it before unlocking (this is a quasi security lock, most people will not be able to find how to unlock 🙂

Author: greg

the dev