Version 4.13 is submitted to the Play Store

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Version 4.13 is submitted to the Play Store
Ton of refinements both in the smartwatch and the home-screen widget components:

►new: voice search bubble → tap it to go to voice search directly
►the watch-face interactions are more streamlined thanks to the official interactive watch-face API:
 → tap the bubbles to open apps even when the clock bubble is black
 → swipe to go between active / inactive modes
 → tap black clock bubble to turn it white (active mode)
 → double tap clock bubble for voice search
 → see this post for details:
►Workaround for Moto 360 Android Wear bug, when screen goes blank in the dark if auto-brightness is enabled in battery saving <15% ►Option to hide peek cards on ambient screen WIDGETS ►Improved icon resolution (dramatic improvement on low res devices!) → Do "Refresh images" for each of your widgets ►Optional sound when bubbles are clicked ►set bubble spacing and hide pencil in each cloud independently ...and lot more smaller improvements and fixes. Complete changelog ("Future featues") →

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