Version 5.65 → Play Store (screenshots below)

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Version 5.65 → Play Store (screenshots below)
►Color memory slots help you use the exact same color in different parts of the app
►You now can hide the pencil AND disable double-tap to edit → this will “lock” the widgets from editing until you enable either of the options
►You can now have app drawer without the “pull-handle”. How do you open the drawer then? If the watchface you use permits, place a shortcut to open “Bubble Cloud” on your watch-face. (Best solution to avoid gesture interference with other apps)
►It is possible to revoke the “Draw over other apps” permission. Bubble Cloud Widgets will re-request the permission if necessary.
►App names are displayed in various parts of the app:
1) when editing the cloud
2) when adding bubbles to the cloud (long press icons to show app name)
3) when selecting icons from icon packs (long press icons to show package name)

+ crash fixes thank you for reporting them!

This is a smaller, incremental update now, but some very exciting features are coming both to the widgets and the watch: 
►we will be able to access bubble clouds similar to home screen folders
►we will be able to swipe left from the watch-face to access the contact cloud or home screen widgets (via Wearable Widgets)

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Author: greg

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