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version 6.06 → Play
►optional permanent icon labels in the widget
►optional widget name caption
►icon picker list now also includes alternate icons from icon packs
►improved search in icon packs
►improved icon list (when adding app bubbles)
►fixed portuguese translation on Wear Contacts screen
►further reduced APK size by 5%

Icon packs often come with extra icons for media buttons, calendars, app-drawer symbols and color (or even design) variations for common app icons. Until the current update Bubble Clouds have not listed these extra icons found in icon packs (listed in “drawable.xml”) we only parsed “appfilter.xml”.

“Real” app names are not stored in icon pack descriptors, my app was only able to search “package names” which may or may not match the actual app name. E.g. the package name for the Play Store is “”. Icon pack designers on the other hand can name their drawables as they want, many times with the more common, actual names of the apps. In this updated version of my app I do a match to the drawable name as well as the package name.

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Author: greg

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