Version 6.15 → Play Store

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Version 6.15 → Play Store
►Watch: you can disable the favorites now!
►Widgets: Samsung compatibility improvements!

►option to remove favorites cloud (details below)
►forecast hi/lo temps fixed / thanks: Joey Rubin
►crash fix when importing wear backup
►animation related crash fix on watch
►wear cloud editor crash fix
►app-drawer start glitch if drawer is on the right
►slightly increased icon label font size
►free version → choice of two smart auto layouts
►layouts marked which are only available in paid version
►new default layout: vari columnar

►no more empty widgets after update!
►placeholders while app is updating: if system fails to refresh widgets click to redraw all bubble clouds! see 2nd screenshot!
►full compatibility with Samsung TouchWiz Launcher
►grids 5×4 and 5×5 on S6, S7, Note5
►improved widget redraw speeds and stability
►added new video: widget swap tool

►new Premium upgrade symbol: crown
►star could be confused with favorites: see 4th screenshot

DISABLE FAVORITES → 29% is a big minority
►it really was a day’s work (16 hours)
►the favorite bubbles are not hidden, instead they are added to the archive cloud (as the largest in the archive)
►the two are managed separately even if merged
►this allows for reversibility
(if option turned off, favorites are restored)
►if you don’t want favorites, move all to archive
►reminder: red X over favorite icons everywhere in app
►you can hide the favorites but still keep the brightness bar

Detailed change log:

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Author: greg

the dev