Version 6.40 → Play Store

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Version 6.40 → Play Store
► new fun! Theme Pack #3 → see below
► new option: seconds OR am/pm in the digital clock
► full screen clock bubble → see details below
► added leading 0 option to digital clock bubble
► folded “App Launcher” settings card now has a quick access button to smart layouts
► Widgets: new LG stock launcher compatibility
► New language option “Hi DPI (eng)” = shortened text for those who need extremely large font size
► “About…” menu item: a way to check version number
and get back to “What’s new” in the last version(s)

Introductory lowest price:
► 3 cartoon clock faces which can be opened full screen!
► 3 fonts (37kbyte, Flubber, and Sunshiney) for digital clock
► 12 colorful background textures (6 favorites, 6 archive)
► Both for round and square watch shapes

► ambient watch face touches are now handled correctly
► ambient clock disappeared when rotated on charger
► 1-click theme selections visible for square watches
► favorites background got jagged on lower res screens (<400px2) ► fixed an issue where images were not sized correctly until one opened the Wear Cloud Editor ► fixed brightness bar layout glitch introduced in v6.31 ► fixed issues with the layout of the multi line digital clock bubble when different fonts are used ► when applying themes it will now preserve a custom layout ► single favorite bubble should always go to the center ► bug corrected in circular arrangement for fewer than 4 bubbles ► circular arrangement: no center bubble if fewer than 6 bubbles (center was smaller than rest) ► clock background color was applied even when "Apply all theme settings" was not enabled ► clock background color and circle both made transparent for analog clocks if "Apply all theme settings" is selected (was visible on square watches) FULL SCREEN CLOCK BUBBLE ► new ambient watchface option: full clock (active still shows all bubbles) ► trimmed bottom also on partially round screens (Moto, Fossil...) ► new option: full screen clock (1-click themes card) → Favorites moved to top of archive except for the clock bubble (similar to "No favorites" option) Detailed change log:

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