Version 6.43 → Play Store

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Version 6.43 → Play Store
► Emergency crash fix: clock bubble / layout change
► Chinese translation (beta/70%) 中国翻译
► Full screen option is now available for digital clock bubbles too
► New way to mark which bubbles stay in ambient mode
► Moved the Full screen option to the watchface card
► Streamlined switching between analog and digital clock themes
► Android Wear related screens also in High DPI language
► Prompt to enable High DPI abbreviations for large font sizes
► Added seconds to the preview bubble in the clock dialog
► Major reduction in APK size (8%)

► Digital clock bubble outline color in full screen ambient mode
► Prevent digital clock text (minutes) from wrapping to new line
► Shift up seconds/AM/PM on flat tire screens
► Full screen clock was always enabled for cartoon clocks
► Language selector was inaccessible in large fonts size
► Prevent setting clock hand colors if custom images are set
► Ambient date bubble was white on white by default
► Corrected seekbar layout issues in Marshmallow/Nougat
► Background mode selector was not updated for 1-click themes
► Settings app kept defaulting to the widget settings

In earlier versions bubbles on “Layer 5” were kept on the ambient watchface if we selected the “Clock only” ambient mode.

Change: now this ambient mode is called “Selective ambient”, and new controls appear in the Wear Cloud Editor (on the right). Tap these black icons to toggle whether a bubble is shown or hidden on the ambient face (see screenshot below)

Detailed change log:

As you can see, the app is being updated regularly. If you find any bugs or crashes, please contact me so I can fix as soon as possible.

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