Version 7.72 → Play Store (slow roll-out)

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Version 7.72 → Play Store (slow roll-out)
► improved communication for non-Android-Wear watch owners (in intro slider)
► animated screenshots added to Intro slider:
→ watchface
→ app drawer mode
→ how to place a homescreen widget

► updated to compile SDK and support libraries 25 (from 24)
► updated wear support library to 2.0.2
► brightness bar layout update

During last week’s I/O 2017 announcements Google updated the Developer Console: they now provide crash reports without the need for users to click “Report” after a crash. This change was long overdue! We, users do a poor job of reporting errors. I have seen more crash reports in the first day of this new system than in half a year earlier! As you can imagine this makes catching and fixing problems much more efficient. Earlier Android Wear crashes were extremely difficult to report, now these crashes and bugs are also included in the reports.

As a result of this welcome development, I already fixed 15 unreported crashes in the app (all low occurrence but still annoying):
► when loading icon packs / theme packs
► when applying icon pack to LiveInfo bubbles
► when trying to edit Tasker bubbles
► when importing image assets (clock dial/hands)
► when adjusting selection type preferences on watch
► app drawer related crash
► flashlight bubble crashed missing permission
► two different crashes in Wear Cloud Editor
► fixed crash when selecting icon from an icon pack
► cloud configuration window when adding bubbles
► location related crash in standalone watch app

► Settings app on phone memory leak fixed
► Weather / phone battery update related memory leak
► Android Wear connection timeout 10 → 2 sec (was causing ANRs?)
► phone battery bubble update frequency was reduced to a maximum of 12/hour (from 20/hour), but increased to 30/hour while charging

Since there are no new features in this release I chose to roll it out over a couple of days this time. If you need to / want to get the update join the beta tester community:


Detailed change log:

As you can see, the app is being developed actively. If you find any bugs or crashes, please contact me so I can fix as soon as possible.

If you like the app and the progress please support the project with a 5-star rating. It helps tremendously.
Thank you!

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