Well, it’s out. V2.54 is in production.

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Well, it’s out. V2.54 is in production.
I just wanted to express my gratitude to all of you – I can be confident that no big bugs are in the version.
Last minute additions and fixes
►The app can now reliably restore your cloud settings from the phone after a watch reset
►Updated French, Polish, German translations (by YOU)
►Further tweaked the greeting screen (where you can set your primary use)
►Added option to not include Wifi-hotspot in the wifi toggle (there will be an optional stand alone hotspot toggle in the future)
►Animated the filter icons on the top of the cloud editor
►Super secret expert feature: you can long press on the version number in the watch settings to clear all settings and return Bubble Cloud on the watch to the defaults
►Added an experimental option “New card vibration” which is supposed to intensify vibration when new cards appear (only works in watch-face launcher mode)
►many small, cosmetic corrections

Author: greg

the dev