All three bubble modes will have “uniform color” modes!

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All three bubble modes will have “uniform color” modes!
► No bubble – just text, all same color – already in v6.74
► Hollow – text and the circle around same color
► Filled – themed bubble with uniform color text

This is big!!! I am adding a “themed bubble” to every existing theme. In version 6.76beta we can set uniform text color even with filled bubbles. (see screenshots below). Instead of the standard bubbles, the app will use the bubble template designed for each theme. I included a couple of examples below how the theme-bubble matches the style of each theme.

To take full advantage of these additions, please update Theme Pack #1 to version 1.14 →

Get version 6.76beta only available for testers: join the beta test at this address:

I am working on Theme Packs #2 – #3 – #4 updated soon!

Author: greg

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