APUS Launcher

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APUS Launcher
Apus launcher is a marginally compliant android launcher, which does not handle widget sizes in the standard way (it’s probably just an oversight by the developer, because I don’t think omitting to implement some required functions makes it perform quicker). But what’s important is that Bubble Cloud Widgets can be made to work with Apus: please see the attached steps:

The key: widget size is not reported at all by the launcher, so you not only have to enable launcher compatibility mode, but also need to double tap on the resized widget to bring up the measuring tools.

(ads on the homescreen are not my cup of tea either, I can’t really see why would anyone use this instead of Nova Launcher for example, but if this is your launhcer, Bubble Cloud will work with it!)

Here is a video on how to “measure” widgets: https://youtu.be/l0yag7oZtH8?t=15s

Author: greg

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