Ambient mode icon from icon pack

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Normally the ambient (hollow bubble) icon is not themed, it is just the regular app icon put in a circle.  If this is not what you’d like, there is a workaround.

Themed icons in ambient mode

Apply the themed bubble built into the Notification Icon plugin. This will force the same app icons to be used in ambient mode. The themed icon simply darkens the background of the icons in the active view:

Screenshot_1547750479.png Screenshot_1547750893.png

Get it on Google Play

This is how to selectively apply just the themed bubble:

  1. Settings → 1-click themes
  2. Select the Notification icons theme pack
  3. Select the theme (there is only 1)
Screenshot_1547750337.png Screenshot_1547750343.png Screenshot_1547750347.png
4. mark “Bubbles” in the list
5. press “Apply” at the bottom of the screen (not “Apply All” on the top!)
Screenshot_1547750368.png Screenshot_1547750373.png
Themes also improve the look of the watch face tremendously (the screenshots above use the font from the theme “Namoc 12” which is the free theme this week!)

Author: greg

the dev