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Make sure watch and phone has the same time!

If you prefer your watch to show a different time, enable the expert option:

CLOCKS NOT SYNCED [from v9.41]
Bubble Cloud has a safety timeout of 3 minutes for commands between watch and phone. This is to prevent unwanted actions (calls, find-my-phone, wifi/ringmode toggles etc.) if there is substantial delay because of connectivity problems.

This timeout will prevent normal operation if the clocks of the two devices are not synced. Some people like to keep their watch in a different time zone, or a few minutes ahead for personal preference.

You can now enable this expert option in these cases, but be aware of unexpected behavior, such as a phone call being made hours after you initiated the function from the Wear Contact Cloud (when the connection to your phone gets restored).

v9.41 is currently under slow rollout. To get it now, join beta test:

Author: greg

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