Now Playing notification

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Cool so I’ve been playing around with notification status bubble a bit and now peek cards. I’m posting here as I haven’t found a way to do what I want so think it might be a request.

On pixel phone there’s a “now playing” feature which identify a song playing whenever a song is playing. Shazam also has an “auto Shazam” feature which does the same thing.

I’d love to be able to look down at my watch in Ambient mode and see what track is playing. Using notification bubbles my watch shows me the icon when a track is identified but I have to wake the phone up and click I to the notification.

Now I was thinking a peek card would be perfect place to pop up the track information whenever the notification is active. But it would obviously take some coding to identify this notification type and have it display as a peek card.

Second, I notice that when using the peek card the text it quite large and bold. I wonder if we could have the option to customise the font size / weight and potentially even disable the icon/avatar to give more room on the peak card.

Thoughts? 🙂

Author: Matthew R L Brown