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Yesterday Google announced they are abandoning Google+ even faster than was originally planned. Again, instead of more productive work, now I have to redo both:

  • the standard Google+ pages (in 8 collections, 680 posts in total)
  • the beta tester’s Google+ community (over 700 posts with comments)

After looking at various alternatives, I landed on WordPress, which I have some experience with. I found a relatively good way to migrate the contents, though it still needs a bunch of manual work to set feature images and such. I don’t plan to do all the way back to 2014, but at least the recently added things are going to be converted.

In the next 3-4 months I plan to post everything on both systems (Google+ and WordPress), hoping that the new site can replace the utility of the Google+ pages.

I am still in the process of registering a dedicated domain, but you can already see the beginnings there:

You are welcome to register, posts for beta testers are only visible to logged in members.

Formatting and organization is much more advanced in WordPress, so overall it can turn out to be a good thing to leave Google.

I just hope they will not abandon Wear OS (or Android all together) on a similar whim. We can no longer trust Google.

Author: greg

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