I made a new app for Wear OS: Fat Finger Calculator!

I made a new app for Wear OS: Fat Finger Calculator!
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Get it on Google PlayEarly release, I am hoping for some feedback from the community,,, do you like the idea? What else would you like to see?

Current features

  • draw digits and operators one-by-one (e.g. 72 × 4)

  • draw an equal sign ‘=’ (or the next operator) to see the result

  • the recognition algorithm is pretty forgiving, but you can also train it (more below)

  • without buttons we have space for much bigger font sizes!

  • beyond basic arithmetics, it can do percentage calculations, exponents, square roots, sign change, scientific notation. I’ll be happy to add anything else you might need!

  • one-tap quick action (bottom side-button) can be set to most used operator or voice assistant for spoken calculations (e.g. “what is 9 times 17?”)

Option to train the handwriting recognition

  • add your own script to the built in model

  • remove unwanted samples (green dot denotes the first touch, red dot the last touch as you draw)

  • re-train from scratch, with only your digits (Tip: to restore original model choose “Re-train” then press the checkmark without drawing any samples)

  • experimental “self learning” option which will improve recognition over time

  • I am still fine-tuning the recognition expect it to improve in coming updates

  • Video demo from 6:37

📌 Clever memory function:

  • pin either the front (e.g. “294 × __”) or the second part (e.g. “__ + 15%”) of a calculation, to do conversions and other repetitive calculations

  • Video demo from 1:40, there is also a built in tutorial

Coming features (v2.03beta)

Join the beta test here:  https://play.google.com/apps/testing/dyna.logix.fingercalc

Σ+ feature for summing lists of numbers

    • This feature is a direct response to our discussion with Thetechguru_net in the WearOS subreddit mentioning his main use case for Wear OS calculator is to score board games
    • Select sum feature by long pressing bottom edge-button
    • Press bottom Σ+ button to add elements (you can do calculations before adding to sum)
    • Right ⌫ edge button will let you delete elements from the end of the list
    • Top 🗑️ edge button shows the list of numbers, mark and delete elements
    • Long press ⌫ to clear the list
    • The Sum list is saved between sessions
    • Video demo from 3:22, there is also a built-in tutorial


Single stroke digits for 500% quicker input in Σ+ and 📌 mode

    • This feature is based on our discussions with Thetechguru_net in the WearOS subreddit
    • Enable option under Settings → Options
    • Draw digits using one continuous line to eliminate multi-stroke timeout delay
    • Bottom button is green when single-stroke digits are enabled (hidden feature: long press top button to toggle single stroke mode when Σ+ or pinned)
    • This option is live when only digits are entered: when operators are pinned or when adding items to a Σ+ list (the app will offer to enable single stroke mode first time you use these)
    • Hidden feature: long press the top edge button (pin or Σ+ trash can) to toggle single-stroke mode without going into settings/options. The bottom edge button will turn green when single-stroke mode is enabled.
    • Video demo from 4:01


Re-train recognizer for single stroke calculations

    • If you choose to re-train the model, and make sure to use a single stroke for all digits and symbols, the app will disable the multi-stroke timeout delay even when entering calculations
    • You will have to come up with gestures for multi-stroke symbols like × + or = (watch video from 8:01 for some tips and demo)

    • You only need to train the digits and the essential operators (0-9.+-×/ and =). After training all of these you can long press either of the arrows to complete training. Untrained symbols can still be accessed by long pressing the bottom one-tap action edge button.

Other improvements in version 2:

  • Improved precision for all calculations (BigDecimal instead of Double)
  • New option to hide greetings [per request from _ssloth (reddit)]
  • Back button now goes to previous screen in menus (long press back button to quickly return to calculator, long press menu button to quickly get to options)
  • Side buttons are restored correctly after ambient mode
  • You can now exit incomplete re-training (after confirmation) to restore default model
  • Added youtube video and Σ+ tutorial to help screen

Introductory low price

Without other ways to monetize I plan to make this a paid app, currently the price is set to the lowest possible, and if you email me I will give full refund to anyone who doesn’t like it after trying!

How to install

  • Search for “Fat Finger” in the Play Store on the watch

  • Get it on Google Playor use the following link on a computer: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dyna.logix.fingercalc and then select your watch as the install target
    Important: this link doesn’t work on your phone! Since this app doesn’t have a handheld component, Google doesn’t provide any way to install standalone apps from phone to watch

You are welcome to try, and I am open to feature requests and improvement ideas!

Author: greg

the dev