Feature focus: WIFI Toggle Bubble

Feature focus: WIFI Toggle Bubble
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Feature focus: WIFI Toggle Bubble
►Enable it in the Bubble Cloud Settings app on your phone
►Cycle through these 3 phases


[Update: v3.01 / March 22, 2015] Hotspot toggle needs to be enabled in the cloud editor

[Update: v9.01 / May 10, 2018] The hotspot functionality had to be removed, since it no longer works on Android Oreo or later (more info)

[Update v9.57 / July 1, 2019] I found a workaround, and the wifi hotspot works again, even on Android Oreo and newer! The option is off by default, but when you enable it, the app will prompt you to install the Oreo Hotspot Control app. For more info please see: Wifi hotspot toggle is back

Turn on the hotspot option

  1. Open Wear Cloud Editor in the phone app
  2. Find the Wifi Bubble and tap the blue icon on the right to enable it
  3. On Android Oreo and later, it won’t turn on unless the Oreo Hotspot Control plugin app is installed.
    (Bubble Cloud will first prompt you to install the plugin app)
  4. After installation open Oreo Hotspot Control, and give the necessary permissions. Test that it works
  5. Come back to the Wear Cloud Editor, and tap on the blue icon again. This time it can be turned on

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