Feature highlight: SET CUSTOM BUBBLE IMAGE

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Feature highlight: SET CUSTOM BUBBLE IMAGE
► for bubbles in homescreen widgets / folders
► for bubbles on the watch

1. Edit the cloud:
→ Click the pencil icon to edit the widget/folder
→ use Wear Cloud Editor for watch bubbles

2. Tap bubble to edit
3. Tap bubble image
4. Select “Import image”
5. Pick image
6. Crop circular area
7. Profit!

Use custom images for:
► App bubbles
► Contact bubbles
► Bookmark bubbles
► Tasker bubbles
► Smart Home Control bubbles

Video showing how to Import custom bubble image:
► widget: https://youtu.be/CdGPkeNeHwM?t=1m46s
► watch: https://youtu.be/CdGPkeNeHwM?t=4m46s

Author: greg

the dev