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► New expert option: charger connection / disconnection sounds (below 100%)
► Find my phone screen rotation remove [Liam Smith]
► Crash on Wear 1.5 after long pressing bubbles weighting>19
► Battery live info bubble will show “Full” (instead of “100”) for themes with complete font character sets (Packs 8 and newer)

The sound stopped prematurely if the screen was rotated. Nice find by Liam Smith!

You can tell the charging connection of my 3 year old Huawei Watch is getting less and less reliable… The audio feedback makes it easier to know if I connected the charger correctly, and there is a sound if the charger gets disconnected before the battery reaches 100%.

The new option is disabled by default, but can be enabled in Expert mode both on the phone and in the settings on the watch.

The battery bubble shows “100” if theme fonts are enabled for Live Info bubbles, since older theme packs contain restricted character sets, unable to display the word “Full”. It’s not even 100% since the battery bubble is designed to only show 3 regular width characters. Theme Pack #8 and #9 now includes full alphabets, so the word “Full” can be shown in the battery bubbles when these theme-fonts are applied.

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