I am thinking about building something like this into Bubble Clouds:

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I am thinking about building something like this into Bubble Clouds:
► You would get bubbles for each notification that shows up on your phone
► They would be added to the favorites cloud, which is the watch face
► You could control the size of the new “notification” bubbles and whether you want them to show up in ambient mode (with burn-in safe)
► You could also set a maximum number, when reached you get an overflow indicator
► Tapping these bubbles would show the corresponding notification on the watch (=notification screen) and give you a chance to dismiss them on the phone
► You could still have your regular apps and complications too on your watch face. Some layouts allow 8-12 bubbles to comfortably show on the watch face
► This would of course work with all the current layouts, both digital and analog
► Bubble Cloud is a great base for this system with its dynamic smart auto layouts which are designed for easy and quick adding or removing bubbles.

I know this is redundant to the notification system on the watch, but for some the watch is primarily for notifications, and in the current system even Bubble Cloud’s peek card is too little (not to mention Google’s own way insufficient notification dot and counter).

Sounds like it’s time to fix up the notification system of WearOS to give users more control. If Google doesn’t do it, Bubble Cloud will 🙂

I am getting pretty worked up about this idea. Your input is welcome!

► I think an easy implementation would be to add a “Notifications on phone” bubble (Phone-Notification-Bubble), which would show a “0” if no notifications are present, and the icon of the notification when there is at least one. The special thing about this Phone-Notification-Bubble would be that it could multiply itself when there are more than one active notifications on the phone.
► Changing the location, weight and ambient visibility of this Phone-Notification-Bubble would control all the instances.
► We also need a way to filter notifications which would show up on the watch. Part of this could go into the phone-notification screen on the watch (the same where you could dismiss them). It could also have an option “Don’t show notifications from this app”.
► We will need a little more control on the phone (e.g. when you tap the Phone-Notification-Bubble in the Wear Cloud Editor?). You could remove items from the blacklist, or even blacklist/whitelist notifications by text in them.
► If one limits the number of Phone-Notification-Bubbles on the watch face the cut off would take notification priorities into account. Notifications with whitelisted phrases would automatically get the highest priority.
► Tapping the overflow icon on the watch could give you a notification screen with a list of those overflow notifications
► With the maximum number of Phone-Notification-Bubbles you could also set a maximum number of bubbles for the watch face. Excess bubbles (starting with the lowest weights) would be temporarily pushed to the archive cloud (or a folder?) when you have too many notifications.

Wow, this is getting pretty. I think I could implement this with a few days of work. Would any of you be interested in using these?

I made a watch face that displays notification icons from the phone from WearOS

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