IF BUBBLES OVERLAP: [L]auncher [C]ompatibility [M]ode

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IF BUBBLES OVERLAP: [L]auncher [C]ompatibility [M]ode
Many launchers need this “LCM” setting, because they don’t report the widget size correctly.  It is very easy, please see the new short-short demo in the product video:

1. Enable the setting
2. Drag the green / red corner markers to place
3. Fine tune with arrow buttons
4. Click check mark
Widgets measured this way are also prepared for animation!

These launchers are tested not to need LCM
►Nova Launcher
►Google Launcher
►Stock LG launcher (after G3)
►Stock Samsung Launcher (before S6)
►Hola Launcher
►Lucid Launcher
►360 Launcher
as long as you don’t turn off the notification bar or the tray at the bottom, in which case you will need to enable LCM even for these

The following settings are necessary EVEN WITH LCM:
►Stock Samsung Launcher: only in Grid size 4×4
►Huawei phones: enable DropZone for compatiblity mode
►Floating widget apps: enable measure in cloud settings
You will find details for these in earlier posts: https://goo.gl/DHWSqf

►Samsung Easy Home: no widgets
►LG EasyHome: no widgets
►Zero Launcher: does not allow widget resizing

Please email me if you need more help:
►or use the navigation item “Email developer” in my app
I promise to respond *within hours*

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