Setup and general info

Setup and general info

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Get it on Google PlayWear Stand Up Alert is a small utility, the main idea is that it will buzz your wrist if you sit too long, and you can quickly glance on the watch to see how long you have been sitting and whether you should take a break or not yet.

Enable “Inactivity tracking”, and do your sitting work for an hour or so. The activity chart will show you how many steps were – falsely – detected when you just worked at your desk. Set movement goal slightly higher than the number of false detected steps in the sample hour.

If you don’t get up for a period of time, the watch will remind you: Do not dismiss the notification if you are not in a situation when you can stand up. It will not alert you until you do get to get up

In day to day practice this is a fully automatic app. You set the active hours of the day, reminder frequency and the limit based on your watch, then it will politely do its thing. No more fiddling necessary.

It will not frustrate you with unwanted, repeated alerts: if you are not in a situation when you can get up, just keep the notification. It will go away automatically as soon as you get to get up. No repeat alerts.

Our watches do a good job of differentiating steps from other movements, but there will always be mistakes. Experience:
►Moto 360 (1st gen) 20-30 false detects / hour
►Huawei Watch 60-80 / hour

Shows your steps in the last 8 x 15 minutes (2 hours). Watches may differ in step detection. You will see what your particular watch detects. Note: the activity chart will only appear after 15-30 minutes following installation (and only if there was at least one step detected).

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