Lots new in version: 1.39

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Lots new in version: 1.39
→confirmed to be fully compatible with Android Wear OS version 5.0.1 on the Moto360 (waiting for confirmation for other wear devices)
►Contact bubble cloud widget: one-tap SMS (see image)
►added command “re-measure widget” in the Cloud Configuration dialogs
►toast hints for cloud configuration: add / delete bubbles / configure cloud
►nicer looking check mark instead of old floppy disk icon in cloud
►Fixed a rare crash in the Cloud Configuration screen, when the “Add all” (+++) button was pressed too early (by user submitted crash report – thank you!)
►Set default actions for Contact Bubbles: long tap on button (call, text or gmail) to set it as default (→http://goo.gl/lwKhws)
►24 hours trial without upgrade reminders on wear launcher (per user request)
►updated the button colors in the Wear Settings screen to make them more visible over the lighter Lollipop color theme
►app tray gets hidden when you switch to Settings screen, even if it was already on screen
►exit contact bubble cloud when call is made: easier access to the Hang up card

…should appear soon in the Play Store

Author: greg

the dev