Many exciting new additions are coming

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Many exciting new additions are coming to Bubble Cloud Widgets.
You can try these right away if you join the beta test at
► Revised Bubble Cloud Configuration screen

► Movable, resizable pop up folders

► SmartHome control HTTP bubbles

There are improvements to the watch app too:
► Improved Wear Contact Cloud management
► Toggle fields in HTTP control codes (one bubble can turn on+off)

► New Floating Action Buttons to add tasker bubbles, folders and the new HTTP command bubbles (to control SmartHome devices)
► Remove items by tapping again to deselect in the bubble picker
► Press and hold items in the bubble picker to edit the bubbles

This is big! You can have one bubble send multiple variants of the same command. Typical use: one bubble to turn something on and off. How?

You can now place toggle fields into any part of the HTTP command (address, header, POST data). The field has the format [1|2|3] this is going to be replaced with one of the listed items cycling through the alternatives. See an example in the Beta tester forum.

Join to read more.

Author: greg

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