v8.71beta → Play

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v8.71beta → Play
► New Youtube help video in HTTP Bubble Edit dialogs see below
► New video in “What’s new” too
► remove duplicates in HTTP command history
► HTTP command history list showing part around the toggle field
► SingleChoice dialogs lose the radio button (everywhere!)
► HTTP command history gets an IFTTT maker event template
► “Move” button for HTTP Bubble Edit dialogs
► Sync button in Wear Cloud Editor sometimes did nothing
► Could not add phone apps and HTTP bubbles to wear cloud sometimes
► Dragging folder near the bottom edge caused it snap to the bottom
► What’s new menu item on watch

I am very excited about these Smart Home control bubbles! I have added the IFTTT template. I plan to include more templates – please use the comments below if you have a Smart Home switch/device whose template you would like me to include in the app.

I am planning to add one more smaller feature and a few more bug fixes to this release before production. Please let me know if you find any problems which need to be fixed before production release.

Author: greg

the dev