Multi watch support

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I did not explicitly implement multi-watch support in Bubble Cloud, but it is still possible to do:  just make sure only one of the watches are connected at one given time. I guess you are not going to wear both watches at the same time, so make sure to put one watch into flight mode (or turn it off) and then turn on the other watch.

Better yet, you can disconnect from the watch using the WearOS app on the phone before connecting to the other:

Every time you open the Bubble Cloud app, all the settings are loaded from the watch (as soon as the “disconnect” icon disappears from the upper right corner of the screen).  Then you can edit the settings and they will be sent to the watch.  The Wear Cloud Editor works the same way.
Bubble Cloud shows the name of the connected watch in the Wear OS settings group:
And it will show the name of the watch in a toast message if it is different than the watch that was connected earlier.
This is not ideal, but I know about a few users, who use Bubble Cloud with multiple watches this way.

Author: greg

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