Wear OS (Android Wear) vs others

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My app is for Android Wear watches
► Not Tizen (Samsung Gear)
► Not standard Android made for phones (GT08, DZ09 etc)


“Android Wear” is not Android. There are watches which run the Android operating system, but they don’t run Android Wear. Please see this page for more info about Android Wear: https://www.android.com/wear/
Please look at this list of apps in the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/category/ANDROID_WEAR
They were all made for “Android Wear” and not for “Android”. None of these will work on your watch. My app is such an app.


I am very sorry, but the Gear is not compatible with standard Android Wear. It is running Samsung’s proprietary operating system (Tizen), which will not be able to run any of the thousands of Android Wear apps available in the play store 🙁 🙁

Tizen is very different, and I am a single developer, I don’t have the resources to do a complete rewrite, which this would require 🙁

Please read this article: http://www.sammobile.com/2015/04/01/samsungs-smartwatches-should-be-running-android-wear-instead-of-tizen/

My app is only for standard Android Wear smartwatches, (I don’t have the knowledge or equipment to develop for other systems).


I found this app that does something similar on Gear watches:

Look for “App Launcher Widget” in the Galaxy Store.


You can still use the home screen widgets on your phone’s home screen: https://youtu.be/BO6Xw8Z_4Lw?t=33s

Please read the following article:

Samsung’s smartwatches should be running Android Wear instead of Tizen

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