My pride and joy!

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My pride and joy!
This has been, my painstakingly, slow and prolonged designed over time, personnel watch face. That has (ALMOST!!) every tiny little detail exactly how I want it.
To be fair, I got a lot of help from the developerof the bubble cloud app. Bout with his help, I’ve had this face for a long time now, on 3 different watches now, first was the Zenwatch 2, then the Huawei Watch, now I have it on the Zenwatch 3 (I love! this watch btw). It looked fantastic on all of em.
I mean I can start boasting of all the little details of all the things this face has. But I’ll just mention the basics….
As you see the interactive/active face has 8 bubbles, and the ambient/standby face only shows 4 (positioned at the corners beautifully) so I made the 4 most important information containing bubbles stay on (the date, current temp, battery, and now the new notification counter). Where as the rest turn off on the ambient screen.
A small little example of something the developer implemented because of my request, that usually tapping the face switches between the active and ambient faces, but now if you tap the center it’s so. But if you tap towards the outside edge, it will bring the watch hands above the bubbles, tap again you get the ambient screen. Cause as you see on the active screen with so many bubbles, it can block the hands sometimes did you can’t read the time. So this fixed it.
I mean…like I said, I can go on and on with what this can do. But if you use the Bubble cloud app already, you probably know already how awesomely detailed it is. And if you don’t, give it a try. Dive in. It’s fun and exciting!

P.s. If anyone likes the face and setup, I can give you my app backup folder, if you restore that in your app, it will set up your app and face exactly as mine, it will be missing the bubbles of apps you don’t have installed, but you just add from yours.
If anyone is interested, just ask for it, and you shall receive it.

Author: Joseph Rubin