Short video: Bubble Cloud watch face in 1 minute

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How to change the default Bubble Cloud watch face into this analog face with a few taps in less than a minute?

  1. In Bubble Cloud settings open 1-click themes
  2. Select a theme pack. Install it if necessary
  3. Choose a theme and apply the 12 hour variant, press check mark for default black color
  4. Long press unwanted bubbles on watch face to move them to the archive using the drawer icon
  5. Long press other bubbles in archive and to move them to the watch face using the favorite icon
  6. Optionally remove the date bubble and add date text field instead under “Add complication” > “Top text field”
  7. Adjust font size
  8. To assign a tap action to this text field long press any bubble and assign it to the top field

All configured in less than a minute!

  • Tap the edge of the watch face to temporarily bring bubbles over the hands if they are covered
  • Tap the middle of the clock to toggle Bubble Cloud’s swipe actions.
  • When the up/down arrows show, regular Wear OS actions are active

All done and ready to use!

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Keep enjoying these little clouds of bubbles!

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