New version: v2.72

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New version: v2.72
►WIDGETS + WEAR: Tasker bubbles (details below)
►WIDGETS: Edit the bubbles in the phone clouds (details below)
►see screenshots:
Smaller changes:
►WEAR: Cloud Editor:
    TAP cloud symbol=fav→archive→hide→fav
►WEAR: Non-dimming full screen clock’s dial (on watch) now has numbers
►WEAR: The “Animation not optimal” message will be displayed shorter and shorter, and it completely disappears after 5 repetitions
►WEAR: Oversized archive bubbles fixed
►WIDGET: Fixed an old FC
►WEAR: Archive cloud freezing didn’t have an effect – fixed

►If Tasker is installed, you get an extra card in the “Add to cloud” screens of the App and Contact widgets
►Look for the (hidden, grayed) Tasker item in the the Cloud Editor
►Press the bubble in your watch launcher to start the task
►You can add as many “tasks” to your watch clouds as you want
►Configure one Tasker bubble and another hidden one is added, ready to be configured
►You can assign Live Info (weather, date, battery) to tasker bubbles too!

In previous versions, after pressing the pencil, you could tap bubbles to delete them. Now tapping the bubbles let you do all kinds of things:
►Change the bubble size
►Change the bubble color
►Change the bubble icon (select from stock images, or import your own – there will be more improvements in this!)
►Recolor the icon
►Change the bookmark bubble link
►Move the bubble to another widget (cloud)
…or delete the bubble by long pressing the Trash Can icon
►link to the “add bubble” screen from the “edit bubble” dialog (+)
►menu in the “edit app bubble” dialog → uninstall, info, play store

I am sure this will make all widget users very happy 🙂
Please don’t forget to ★★★★★ in the Play Store if you like these

Update should be available soon:

Author: greg

the dev