Plans for the AW 2.0 update

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Plans for the AW 2.0 update
2 new buttons in on-watch-settings:
► Pencil= on watch cloud edit mode
► Circle plus= add complication bubbles

► Similar to editing the home screen widgets
► Red X on top of screen: long tap to exit edit mode
► Tap bubbles to edit them
► Hidden apps are also shown (with X over them)

► Bubble, app name and size shown in center
► Remove: complication bubbles
► Hide: app bubbles
► Change bubble size (+/-) → negative=archive
► Change bubble color
► Swipe (or HW button) to exit

► Choose app/content when adding CB
► Change size / bg color in cloud edit mode
► Trash can removes (not hides) CB-s

This will add much more control on the watch itself, which is necessary for iPhone users without the phone component (wear cloud editor etc).

I also plan to add smart layout selection to the watch

There will be a standalone Bubble Cloud Wear Launcher product flavor (paid) without the homescreen widgets. The current app will also get these updates.

Author: greg

the dev