v6.52beta → Play

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v6.52beta → Play
► Wear Cloud Editing on the watch!!!
► Make sure long press to move is enabled! (Expert mode)
► Long press bubbles to open edit screen
► Use +/- to adjust size
► Negative numbers mean archive
► Positive numbers mean favorites
► Click trash can to set size to 0 (hidden)
► Click palette to change bubble color

Be careful: if you hide an app (by setting size to 0) you will only be able to restore (unhide) it using the Wear Cloud Editor on your phone. Please think with me, what kind of control should I provide to restore hidden bubbles? In the on-watch-settings? List all hidden and allow to unhide? Have a button to unhide all? Should I still do the cloud edit mode outlined in the previous post?

This is a crude first version, I have a lot more work with it, but it already lets you do what was possible via long press + more!!!

I am working on the complication interface for the next release. I will be away for a few days…

Author: greg

the dev