How to prevent accidental Tasker bubble clicks

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I can recommend two ways to prevent accidental start of Tasker tasks via Tasker bubbles:

A. using folders

You could simply move the Tasker bubble inside a folder. This way the folder has to be opened first, and then tap on the bubble. This can prevent accidental launches.
On the watch you can simply long press the bubble and move it into a newly created folder (tap the folder icon until you see plus sign e.g. “+Folder”)

B. modify Task to require 2 clicks

You can modify your Tasker task to require clicking the same bubble twice within a few seconds to activate. You can do this with a global variable and an IF statement at the top of the Task, (or possibly using Tasker’s concurrent call system somehow, but I think the simple IF statement is easier).
Just add these 4 lines to the top of every Tasker task you want to protect from accidental starts. (Of course you can change the time limit of 3 sec in the IF condition. Also, we can use a single global timestamp for multiple protected tasks.)

How it works

When we start the task for the first time, it only stores the time stamp when it was started. On subsequent starts it will check and stop unless the last start was within 3 seconds… We need a global variable for this (capital letters %LASTCLICK) so it keeps the value between the times the Task is started.

Tip: You could even change the appearance of the bubble temporarily after the first click (e.g. change its color using the Bubble Cloud’s Tasker plugin), but it is a bit more complex.

Author: greg

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