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As of today my apps are no longer available in Poland 🙁

Polish was one of the first languages the app was translated into. I have many polish friends, but the poor rating culture in this country has a bad effect on the global standing of my app. The app only received low ratings in the last 4-5 months, and as a consequence of these there aren’t even downloads from this country. Not one happy user in almost half a year (who gave voice to their opinion)

It was suggested maybe it’s the quality of the translation. I cannot judge that. I am also planning to remove the Polish translation from the app freeing up resources for other features and maybe more translations.

Unfortunately Google does not provide ways to limit distribution by language settings on the phone. We can only apply regional bans. Which I have to do now.

I am very very sorry it had to happen this way. As with other countries, I will reconsider after a few months.

Author: greg

the dev