The die is cast → I published the Widgets-Only app

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The die is cast → I published the Widgets-Only app
None of the beta testers will want to use the standalone version:
► If you use Bubbles on your watch
► If you purchased any of the licenses (they can’t transfer)
► If you already have widgets on your homescreens (you can actually “migrate” them, but there is really no point

The original 2-in-1 app on the other hand will be much more focused on the Android Wear functions. The widgets component of it will always be identical to the Widgets-Only app, but by the end of the full rollout of the new version 8.0 I will remove any widget references from the Play Store descriptions and screenshots.

What to test? this separation affected the original app too (I am working with a shared code base for the two versions). Please let me know if you find any problems introduced in the 2-in-1 app. As always: thank you for your help!

Still, for anybody interested you can install the Widgets-Only version:
► but if all goes according to plan, the apps will prompt you to uninstall right away (to avoid confusion)

If you download the Widgets-Only app (and you like Bubble Clouds) I would be very happy to get a few initial 5-star reviews on the fresh new app.

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