Progress report – screens of the 2 apps

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Progress report – screens of the 2 apps
► Welcome screen
► Menus (when both apps are installed, and you have widgets in the Widgets-Only app)
► Warning if the Widget-Only app is installed but not used
► Upgrade suggestion in the Widgets-Only app

As you can see in the new flowchart the interaction between the 2 apps got a bit simpler: the system will never prompt to uninstall the combination app, only the widget app, and only if it is not used in any way:
► no IAP bought in the Widgets-Only app (that is missing from the Wear+Widgets)
► no widgets created in the Widgets-Only app

Otherwise it might:
► Hide the Widgets-Only app (only use it for the Widgets license key)
► Hide the widgets related options in the Wear+Widgets app so you can keep using the widgets app for that

I had the feeling this will not be easy to separate the siamese twins, but I think I am getting close to implement something that is the most painless to current users

Author: greg

the dev