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I have not disappeared, nor have I stopped developing…
Since Saturday I got my hands on a Huawei Watch, and have been testing the app with the:
►AMOLED screen
►lack of light sensor
►different steps counter
►using two wear devices with the app
Many things will need to be addressed in the next versions of the app  At the same time I continued to update the UI to fully comply with Material standards, and in the process of separating the widget and wearable functions better: You will be able to choose between the 3 major screens of the app from the navigation drawer:
►Widget settings (4 cards)
►Wearable settings (4 + 2 cards)
►Wearable Cloud Editor
The landscape view will have a permanent navigation pane, while the portrait view includes the usual “pull in” version.

Hopefully this makes the use of the app easier.

Author: greg

the dev