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My app was denied the exception status, severely crippling the contact cloud functionality. I make one more attempt to appeal to the policy team before removing the call and sms functions 🙁

My app, Bubble Cloud for Wear OS (package name dyna.logix.bookmarkbubbles) lets users text or call favorite contacts from their watches using the companion app on the phone. The companion app needs the SMS and CALL permissions to be able to function properly.

Here is a demo of the way it works: https://youtu.be/cMMPNTihBvM

I explained this in the Permissions Declaration Form, but I was denied the exception on the basis that my app should use an alternative method to accomplish these tasks.

Unfortunately the alternative methods both require users to interact with their phones to complete the tasks (send the message or start the call). This beats the purpose of using a smartwatch. They should be able to do both of these just using their watches, without the need of taking out their phones.

Please review the previous decision and consider allowing my app to work the way users expect it to work.

Thank you

Author: greg

the dev