Update: The app rating keeps falling.

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Update: The app rating keeps falling.
I worked very hard in the last couple of months to improve the app. Now I will have to experiment with a different approach: I take a break, maybe the constant updates irritated people. We’ll see in a few weeks.

The free fall we experienced in the beginning of July has subsided, but the trend is still a downward spiral. The paradox is that although we are getting more 5-stars than any other ratings combined,  still the 1-stars weigh most:
►”I hated it Sorry…”
►”WHAT HOW do you enable it!!!”
►”Porqueria It is a virus”
►”Bubble Watch Launcher The most riduculous, not even funny stuff ever.  Well, it’s funny. Waste your time if you must.  Laugh if you want.  BYE.”
and 31 more with no comments…

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