v2.53beta uploaded to the Play Store

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v2.53beta uploaded to the Play Store
(If nothing major strikes) I am planning to move this to the production stream soon → Then I can start to work on new features!
►Minor improvements and optimizations, but the big emphasis in this beta is on Language updates:
►New language added: Polish (Thank you – I couldn’t figure out who was the all-polish knowing wizard who did this massive job!)
►Updated existing languages: French, German (all provided by your contributions, big big THANK YOU to all helpers!)
►All our languages are missing a few (some as few as 10) strings from the newest updates, if you speak Spanish/German/French/Polish please check http://trans-bcw.dataglobe.eu there is a button “Show only missing”
►You can also improve translations, but if you modify an existing string, please put a # in front of the line to let me know.

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