v3.03beta submitted to Play Store

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v3.03beta submitted to Play Store
►new phone battery icons: different whether find-my-phone is enabled or not
►app was creating temporary files on the SD card when cropping
►clock bubble settings sometimes did not stick
►FC when trying to move/resize a bubble when the swap tool was active
►FC when selecting one of the stock symbols for bubble image
►FC when wrong layout string is pasted into the layout designer

►avoided seemingly random scrolling in Cloud Editor
►added option to disable find-my-phone feature of the phone battery bubble (turn on pink phone icon to make it ring)
►Layout designer automatic cloud layout refresh improved (no need to toggle)
►warning if you try to add Tasker bubbles without first enabling 3rd party integration
►improved the overdraw mode to use less battery
►wifi hotspot toggle state is updated in app label
►custom clock face image is re-sent to watch after reset (need to click on clock bubble in the editor, and press save)


Author: greg

the dev