v4.02beta – is uploaded to the  Play Store  for testers

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v4.02beta – is uploaded to the  Play Store  for testers
This became an emergency bug fix version, if nothing deadly is reported I plan to publish this quite soon.
►background color transparency wasn’t correctly set for auto-populated app bubbles (most noticeable when icon packs are used)
►old icon packs didn’t stick if you set them
►Emergency fix: icons didn’t appear when multiple bubbles were added to a widget using the +++ button
►New feature: link to Play Store from the icon pack list, if device has no packs installed
►new WEAR feature: archive cloud now disappears (no scrolling sideways!) if you remove all bubbles from it (hide or move all to favorite)
►further improved launcher compatibility mode
►further attempt to fix LG stock launcher compatibility (G3, G4, Magnum etc)
►introduction screen appeared too crowded on small screen phones (in extreme cases it was not even possible to select the primary use!)
►crash fix: navigation drawer items occasionally caused the app to crash [thank you for the crash report!]
►reminder added when favorite cloud color is attempted to be changed while “Background by minute of the hour” option is enabled for the watchface launcher
►prompt for feedback after What’s new dialog. Option to postpone feedback

Author: greg

the dev