v4.24beta In the Play Store:

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v4.24beta In the Play Store:
►order apps in archive alphabetically
►multiple archive clouds: control pagination with bubble sizes
►size variance setting affects minimum bubble size in paginated archive clouds

►By paginating the archive we practically created multiple archive clouds!
►As a consequence, you might want to be able to set which of these archive clouds should each of the bubbles go into
►The bubble size lets you control this

They describe 3 clouds:
[5:1+4:11] → 1 size5 and 11 size4 bubbles go in the first cloud (the one bubble in size 5 will appear as the large center bubble)
[3:1+2:11] → 1 size3 and 11 size2 bubbles go in the second
[1:10] → 10 size1 bubbles go in the third cloud
/12 → the maximum number of bubbles in each cloud is 12 ~ cloud limit (controlled using the variance slider on top)

►if there were multiple size5 or size3 bubbles, the one earlier in the alphabet would appear as the center icon
►the galaxy layout (3) allows more size variations and multiple center bubbles
►the grid layout (2) uses uniform bubble sizes
►multiple bubble sizes are combined in the same archive cloud as long as they fit (if their sum exceeds the cloud limit they will go into separate clouds)
►if the number of bubbles of a single size exceed the cloud limit (determined by the size variance), they will be split into multiple clouds

►Option is not available for the layouts with variable bubble sizes (would not make sense)
►For paginated archive layouts the cloud number has precedence over alphabetic order → each cloud will be sorted alphabetically unless you set the same bubble size for all bubbles in the archive (Hint: use “reset sizes” button in Settings screen on the watch)
►When long press to move is disabled: long pressing a bubble will show its name

Author: greg

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